Mama robin sitting in her nest in the tree

Mama robin sitting in her nest in the tree

On this Good Friday before Easter, my mind turns to eggs.

It seems she’s been sitting awhile in that nest. Where are the babies?

My writer’s curiosity got the better of me. So I did what every curious, modern person does.

I Googled, How long does it take for a robin to hatch its eggs?

The things you find out.

The Story of the Robin

Thanks mostly to the site, The Story of a Robin, these are a few of the things I found out.

  • Robins lay their eggs at mid-morning
  • Most birds lay them at sunrise

No wonder I see her first coming to the nest mid-morning. According to The Story, she’s been out foraging worms. The early bird, you know.

  • Robins lay only one egg per day
  • Robins have one ovary

One egg – one ovary. Pretty good batting average.

  • Robins lay four eggs
  • They sit on the eggs for 12 to 14 days

Well now I can be less distracted, waiting for the other egg to drop. And hatch.

  • Hatching can take an entire day
  • Eggs hatch a day apart in the order they were laid

Let’s hope the babies are easier to capture on film than their momma.





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