Blog conceptThis week’s challenge from word prompt site, Creative Copy Challenge, is a gauntlet of a different type.

I love the journey through these words. I never know where they will lead.

The challenge words are in bold.

Creative Copy Challenge #384

The denim stretched over her assets like an impregnable forcefield to all who watched her approach. Leaning against the bar, she traced the ingrained mark of a patron’s past brew.

Her eyes followed the froth of a new one inch its way over the bartender’s fingers to slide sensuously down the glass. A hint of a smile crossed her lips as the bartender let if flow.

“Masterson, you going to give me that beer?”

Inwardly flinching at getting caught in the lady’s sexy campaign for attention, Jeff Masterson shook the fog from his brain and sneered at his whining customer.

“Your gut can afford to lose a few sips, Johnson.”

Stretching over a sentry of clean glasses, Jeff wiped the bar spot directly in front of the denimed beauty.

“What can I get you?”

“That’s a loaded question,” she purred.

He wasn’t pulling the stopper on that one.

Pouting over the stretch of silence, she audibly sighed her order.

“Oh, just get me a colored cooler.”

“Excuse me?”

As sanction to her full intent, Ms. Sexy offered Jeff a shot of cleavage possibilities, and whispered, “You know. Something wet and wild.”

Jeff slapped a bottle of Tabasco on the bar.

“Knock yourself out.”




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