Vector Illustration of Orange Pair of Flip-flopsGetting older has its benefits.

How often have you read that sentiment?

But it’s true. You learn (or at least I have) not to sweat the small stuff.

I call it my chillin’ state of mind.

Chillin’ Out

Am I always successful at chillin’? Of course not.

  • Deadlines loom
  • Workloads bloat
  • Worries creep in

However, I’ve found as I age, I am better at reigning it in.

I tap into my Miller energy meter, and ask myself ~

Is this worth the energy?

The holiday season has a way of putting the whirling in dervish.

Like the Christmas present I sent that had its own definition of chillin’. I ordered the gift through Amazon. The shipping carrier was the United States Post Office.

  • The package was sent by carrier pigeon
  • And the pigeon was walking
  • Very slooooowly

Good thing I order early this year.

The package arrived. It’s before Christmas, so why worry? And what if it didn’t?

  • Would my 4-year-old grand-nephew hate me forever for being late?
  • Would he even notice?

Another stress point for me is social media.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the access to online friends and family scattered across the country.

My social media stress more often comes from my work. I know. Not a very original source of stress.

  • I’m not keeping up with blogs
  • There’s more platforms than you can shake a stick at
  • I wonder how colleagues keep it all afloat

Then I go to my chillin’ state of mind.

  • Would I make different choices? Perhaps.
  • But maybe Mom needed me more
  • Or I needed me more

It’s all good. Life goes on.

One of my brothers has his own energy meter question.

In a hundred years, will this matter?

So during the annual holiday rush, ask your own energy meter question.

Then relax.

Go to your chillin’ state of mind.




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