Blog conceptToo much work and too little time has kept me away from my beloved writing prompt site, Creative Copy Challenge.

So, it’s Creative Copy Catch-up time.

The following are my latest submissions –

  • From the most current
  • And going backwards
  • Definitely short – and maybe not so sweet
  • Hey, it’s almost Halloween

The challenge words are in bold.

Creative Copy Challenge #357

As I run through another interview, my inner muse shouts at me for neglecting my CCC. At times, I wish I did not have my hereditary disease of always putting work first.

The dynamics of time swirl words like an ocean wave never reaching shore.

Ideas, the intoxicating liquor of my soul, remain bottled in echoing silence, seeking a systemic release.

My fortune is endless as I look to fill the neglected muse.

Creative Copy Challenge #356

We go sailing along, taking little notice of all we hold dear. Actions become rote, as we reduce all that is not the same.

Our dreams slither home in Anaconda motion to constrict the routine we bank on.

A storm of radical thoughts is brewing. Our functional life is disturbed. We grasp for what we know, fearing all else will render us extinct.

We are in survivor mode. We break free of the treacle sound of complacency.

Creative Copy Challenge #355

The magic Marcus used to levitate his words was gone. Lost in a steroids world of bloat, his enemy spewed a storm of excess.

Brilliance trapped in a cage of his own making, he no longer held the key in the palm of his prose.

The surge of the attack trampled all in its path and many cried out as the horse he rode reared in repugnant victory.

Creative Copy Challenge #354

The gentle breeze kissed her cheek with suspicious tenderness. She inhaled the destruction of a gusty past that settled on her heart like wet sand.

Her thoughts wandered the wilderness of toffee memories, both sweet and darkened with the passage of time.

She would sell all she owned to silence the monotone whispering of all she had known if only to be free at last.

Creative Copy Challenge #353

The architectural debate dissatisfied Michael’s need for control. He listened to the panel drone on, their mouths on a diuretic path with no anecdotes.

How had he gotten here? While others would ostracize him, the ambiguity of being an invited guest did not escape him.

He scanned the audience, resembling a sea of penguins in pretentious suits. All here for philanthropic show.

His festering resentment seeped through the insulation of civility, clearing the way for a crotchety response.

He rose to polite applause.

Creative Copy Challenge #352

The cruel words were a tack in a troubled soul. Cramming their way past the appointed guardians, the protective wall fell like crumbling granite.

Mary rocked back and forth as she crooned a web against the acid attack. Would her feelings ever be rubberized from the caramel flow of abuse?

In her mind, a low shriek drowned out the sound of another moonless night.




When Pink and Orange Go Together

October 3, 2014

What do you think of when you hear pink and orange? I bet for most of you, you don’t automatically think fashion statement. While I have seen clothes that combine pink and orange, it’s not a look I appreciate. Except sometimes. Pink and Orange Together I love, love, love Halloween. Always have. It’s the one time […]

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What Marketers Could Learn By Living With a 91-Year-Old

September 25, 2014

Marketers invest in all kinds of analytical tools. They split-test Collect surveys And conduct feedback groups If marketers want a cornucopia of marketing ideas, I have a simple suggestion. Live with a 91-year-old. Marketer’s Paradise I should tell you right off, my Mom is not your typical 91-year-old. Her memory is what mine used to be […]

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The Sticky Fingers of Guilt

September 18, 2014

Guilt. That burrowing, rooted grasp on your soul. Growing up Catholic, I remember debates with my Jewish friends on who held more guilt − the Jews or Catholics. As if either of us has the exclusive rights on guilt. Over the years, I’ve been able to loosen the hold of the sticky fingers of guilt. I no […]

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Goofball? Who Me?

September 1, 2014

Trust me, I’ve been called worse things than Goofball. Probably by a sibling. Perhaps it was my middle child of 7 status that knew no boundaries to trying to stand out in the crowd. It’s Labor Day here in the U.S. I joined a 30-day challenge called Bloom Your Online Relationships (with its own hashtag, #BYOR30). […]

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Creative Copy for the Holiday Weekend

August 29, 2014

Okay, U.S. buddies, a little light reading for the Labor Day holiday weekend. It’s my latest submissions to my favorite writing prompt site, Creative Copy Challenge. The challenge words are in bold. Enjoy. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Creative Copy Challenge #350 Her significant loss of feeling went unnoticed as routine took command. Day after day, […]

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Suicide’s Silent Walls

August 19, 2014

The suicide of Robin Williams made many people uncomfortable. We seldom talk about suicide. Especially with those we should. We don’t know what to say. Robin’s death brought back painful memories of a dear friend who sought the same release from pain. Silent Walls Sandy had built silent walls around her in the last few years of her […]

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Marketers, Give it a Rest Already

August 13, 2014

I get it. As a business the size of one, I understand how hard owning your own business is. Entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many hats. Marketers Accountant Tech Support Customer Service Not to mention janitor, maintenance, and any other job I haven’t thought of. Could I appeal to the marketers out there? Marketers […]

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The Snarky Social Media Fan

August 5, 2014

Are social media fans different from flesh and blood? Popular author, Nora Roberts, has seen a difference. The author has a Facebook page for her Nora Roberts books and her futuristic detective series, penned under the pseudonym, J.D. Robb. Recently, the comments got rather nasty. Or so I hear as I did not see the actual comments. […]

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Idaho Train Ride

July 31, 2014

My sister, Terry, niece, Joanna, and grandniece, Sunniva are visiting us in Idaho. They live in Ohio – not Iowa – not Idaho – Ohio. They graciously reserved a train ride along the Payette River in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho for all of us and my mom. The Thunder Mountain Line dates back more than a century. Think […]

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