Another 60 Miles Under My Feet

What a fabulous 2012 San Diego 3-Day Walk for the Cure!

  • No blisters, no injuries*
  • Outstanding San Diego weather
  • And $6 million raised for breast cancer research

* no injuries during the Walk – just bruises from Spa Day – my masseuse left bruises – seriously

Thank you to all of my contributors who made this another stupendous event.

My Fight Like A Girl teammates and I are already signed up for 2013 – our 10th anniversary.

I created the slideshow video to share some of the fun.

Pink Teammate


You are going to see a new teammate featured throughout the pictures.

Her name is Curei Osity.

  • She is a pink monkey
  • Our team hosted Curei on the Walk
  • Curei did all 14 3-Day Walks for the Cure
  • She was shipped from city-to-city

Please don’t tell her owner that on Day 1, I dropped Curei. I totally freaked when I looked down and she was gone.

All I could think was she had been shipped around the country, participated in 13 Walks and I lose her on her last Walk!

Fortunately, I turned around and a fellow walker had her. After that, Curei was securely strapped in with a pink scarf around her waist and attached to my water bottle holder.

Oy – the drama!

You can friend Curei Osity on Facebook to see all her photos from her nationwide tour for the Cure.

Why We Walk




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