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Requests for Guest Posts Borrow Spammy Tactic

March 19, 2015

Guest posts have become a blog owner’s spam. In its purest form, guest posts are great. Bloggers share ideas We expand our reach Blogs are kept fresh Then certain bloggers discovered it was a great way to perpetuate their spammy links. Blog owners’ inboxes groaned under the weight of requests from strangers to include a guest post […]

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What Marketers Could Learn By Living With a 91-Year-Old

September 25, 2014

Marketers invest in all kinds of analytical tools. They split-test Collect surveys And conduct feedback groups If marketers want a cornucopia of marketing ideas, I have a simple suggestion. Live with a 91-year-old. Marketer’s Paradise I should tell you right off, my Mom is not your typical 91-year-old. Her memory is what mine used to be […]

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Marketers, Give it a Rest Already

August 13, 2014

I get it. As a business the size of one, I understand how hard owning your own business is. Entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many hats. Marketers Accountant Tech Support Customer Service Not to mention janitor, maintenance, and any other job I haven’t thought of. Could I appeal to the marketers out there? Marketers […]

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Guru Follower’s Aha Moment

May 22, 2014

Recently, at my business writing site, I shared some overused business words. One that did not make the list but should have is Guru. Social media is a breeding ground for gurus. Typically, self-professed. Consider the attached SlideShare presentation my personal Public Service Announcement. I wrote it for freelancers (of any kind) but it applies if […]

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Customer Service Barriers Are So Dumb

May 1, 2014

Ah, customer service. The elusive, frustrating, and often missing element of our lives. At times it feels like organizations do everything within their power to put barriers in the way of customer service. Why is that? Customer Service Barriers A recent experience was like a race through the latest video game. The mission was to reach the reward […]

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The Freelancer Pricing Guide I Wish I Had

November 7, 2013

For my non-freelancing readers, pardon my departure into the freelancer world. Then again, if you have been thinking about joining that world, read on. I first met Jake Poinier online, like most of my freelancing chums, but he was going by a different name – Dr. Freelance®. How’s that for a brilliant moniker? Recently, Jake sent […]

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Happy Freelancer Free From Some Yahoo Ideas

February 28, 2013

From the land where much of telecommuting started came a shocking announcement. Yahoo was banning all telecommuting for its work-at-home employees. You could hear the screams across the globe. This is why I’m a freelancer. Productive, But So What? All Things D posted a copy of Yahoo’s Proprietary & Confidential internal memo. Did they really […]

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Guest Post: Freelancers Finding Serenity

November 15, 2012

Freelancing is a different world. Those of us who are freelancers have various reasons why we do what we do. I know I would be lost without my network of freelance writer buds – like my good friend, Lori Widmer. When I sent a request for guest posts while I’m out walking 60 miles in […]

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How Referral Key’s Spammy Practice Embarrassed Pollyanna

May 31, 2012

  It’s what networking is supposed to be all about. A colleague sends you an email asking if you are still looking for clients and invites you to join his or her business network. This Pollyanna fell for it line, hook, and sinker. I clicked on the link I completed my profile I imported my […]

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Who Knew Customer Service Was Another DIY Task?

April 11, 2012

It seems to be the new kind of customer service. Click on the Help tab Search for your answer Click No this was not helpful Then you’re left hanging with no answers Welcome to today’s customer service. Our DIY World We live in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) world. Furniture has to be assembled Purchasing software means […]

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