Creative Copy Challenge Goes Audio

Don’t you love when one of your favorite blogs takes a new creative twist?

I have extolled the virtues of Creative Copy Challenge to the point where some of you may be saying, Enough already.

Writing Prompt

The site is a writing prompt for the creative soul inside us all.

Twice a week, pro and non-pro writers take a crack at 10 words or phrases to create a story, poem or whatever written form they choose.

Blog owner, Shane Arthur, often has readers submit the word challenges. This week Justin Germino submitted the words, but asked us to use them in a form of a poem.

  • Any style of poetry
  • With a title

And then Justin recorded each entry. How fun.

Justin is an IT specialist with a gift for writing beautiful poetry. He also has a wonderful speaking voice for reading.

Challenge #272

The following was my entry to the challenge. The words in bold are Justin’s submitted words.

Innocence Lost

The rumination of another time

A time we thought we knew

What’s lost we cannot determine

As the ostentatious masks our shame

What once we embraced

We let go in illogical haste

Our memory a fading past

The cohorts of excess smile in triumph

As timidly we let them be

The notorious mock us

In an admonishing loss of faith.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Now, click on the link below to listen to Justin’s recording of my entry. Love it.

Innocence Lost


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    • Cathy says

      Hi Ramiro: Thank you for the nice words. Glad I got you thinking. :-)

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I saw your comment on my smartphone, but boomer eyes can’t deal responding on teeny, tiny screen. Then boomer brain forgot to respond on my desktop. Ah, the maladies of boomerism. :-)

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