Creative Copy Challenge Still Rocks

bigstock-Screaming-And-Playing-9886274I have been away from Creative Copy Challenge (CCC) much longer than I would like.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site, it is a great place to get your creative mojo on.

CCC is a writing prompt for the creative soul inside us all.

Twice a week, pro and non-pro writers take a crack at 10 words or phrases to create a story, poem or whatever written form they choose.

Blog owner, Shane Arthur, submits the words for the challenges or has guests submit the challenge.

Shane is awesome and replies to every entry – no matter how many submissions. And trust me. there have been plenty.

This is my most recent entry. The words in bold are the writing prompts from the challenge.

Creative Copy Challenge #308

When life seems to vegetate

And arrogant no longer works

I look within for meaning

To find the psalm of my heart

Life can be an emotional smokehouse

With an aria filled with beauty

To moments where I bloviate

In a treadmill of forgotten dreams

Words without truth are the epiglottis of my soul

Leaving me longing for a tickety-boo future

That obliterates the past



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    • Cathy says

      That’s the fun part of the challenge. Sometimes I look at the list and ask myself, How the heck am I going to get THAT into the story? There have been some real doozies. :-)

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