Laid Back or Flat-Lining?

3D render of a very laid back gecko relaxing on an edge.There are a lot of good things that come with age.

No, really.

  • You don’t sweat the stupid stuff (much)
  • You find it easier to laugh at yourself (after all, there’s a lifetime of material)
  • You appreciate the little things in life (like warm, fuzzy socks)

After the way the end of 2012 fizzled on the business front, I was surprised how calm I felt when the calendar flipped to 1/1.

I am either really laid back or flat-lining.

You be the judge.

Smokin’ Start

The start of 2012 had me pounding the keyboard hard.

  • A first-time retainer fee with a long-time client (guaranteed income, right?)
  • The highest quarter of revenue since starting my business
  • More projects than I could shake a stick at (not sure why I would want to)

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Then Life Happened

The rug went flying out from under me.

  • A top client’s marketing department disintegrated
  • Another’s monthly projects disappeared
  • The retainer fell apart with no income for the last quarter

And I had an Emergency Room visit that had me actually paying that high deductible (for the first time in four years).

That was followed with a “routine” eye visit that turned into a damaged cornea. On the day this posts, I’ll be going for the final (I hope) visit for my damaged cornea – the refractive visit.

As 2012 limped into history, i refrained from kicking its butt along – barely.

Flash Forward

For all of its craziness, 2012 does not leave me down.

Stressed? I’d be lying if I said, Not at all.

But, it’s manageable stress.

I like to think my age lends a certain calm that this, too, shall pass.

And there was so much to like about 2012.

  • A trip to Chicago for a relative’s wedding and a long-overdue reunion with cousins
  • My 9th 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk for the Cure with my great Fight Like A Girl teammates
  • A great 1st & 2nd quarter so I could pay that deductible and medical bills
  • Notre Dame football going 12-0 – Go Irish!!
  • A fun, family get-together at Christmas

And a whole lot more.

I’m looking forward to getting this party started in 2013.

  • So, am I laid-back or flat-lining?
  • Or just really, really fortunate?

You be the judge.




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  1. says

    I think it’s laid back. And it’s welcome, isn’t it? Maybe you didn’t react so strongly because you know you’ve overcome similar things in your life? And life often throws us a curve. We have to be willing to accept that our plans are at the mercy of a higher power.

    • Cathy says

      Amen to that, Lori. 😉 And you are right – laid back is welcome. Why sweat what’s already behind you?

      Thanks for stopping by, Lori.

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