Creative Copy Challenge Tetrad

Introducing a tetrad of Creative Copy Challenge goodies. Check out #389 and #390. Trying to stump us by upping the game. Bring it! CCC is a word prompt site. The challenge words are in bold. Enjoy! (By the way – tetrad is a group or set of four). Creative Copy Challenge #387 The sun slapped the bald […]

Customer Service: How Simple Acts Make or Break It

I write (or rant) a lot about customer service. Perhaps that’s due in part to my corporate life. I led project teams that evaluated customer service. I was also a road warrior. As a road warrior, customer service is in your face. The simplest act determines if it’s a friendly pat or a head slap. […]

Sample Miller Musings

The Dad We Remember

For all that is annoying about Facebook, I do love the connection with family and friends. I love the feel-good videos and the laugh-out-loud shares. Today I saw a share from my cousin, Jay. It had a picture of a blue rose. It read: This rose is for my Dad in Heaven. Share and keep this rose traveling for […]

Requests for Guest Posts Borrow Spammy Tactic

Guest posts have become a blog owner’s spam. In its purest form, guest posts are great. Bloggers share ideas We expand our reach Blogs are kept fresh Then certain bloggers discovered it was a great way to perpetuate their spammy links. Blog owners’ inboxes groaned under the weight of requests from strangers to include a guest post […]

Sample Creative Writing

Glowing Flights of Fancy through Creative Copy Challenge

From diminished glow to fantasy, word prompt site, Creative Copy Challenge, exposes the kaleidoscope of emotion. Either that or the strange inner workings of my mind. Always a scary adventure. Here are the latest submissions. I hope you enjoy them and why don’t you join us over at CCC? You never know where it will lead – in […]

Creative Copy Challenge Gauntlet Thrown

This week’s challenge from word prompt site, Creative Copy Challenge, is a gauntlet of a different type. I love the journey through these words. I never know where they will lead. The challenge words are in bold. Creative Copy Challenge #384 The denim stretched over her assets like an impregnable forcefield to all who watched her […]