Re-hooked by Creative Copy Challenge

by Cathy Miller

in Creative Writing, Short and Sweet

bigstock-old-hook-24054086Throughout this site (in the Creative Writing category), you will find referrals to Creative Copy Challenge (CCC).

My love affair with this word prompts site, breathes life into my writing when I need a new perspective.

The following is my latest entry to CCC.

Creative Copy Challenge #309

The words in Bold are the challenge words you need to use in some creative form. Why not try it?

My Entry

A shrouded view silenced the sinister sneer and curl of his lip. Voices were an echo of menace, left to float on a path of pain and destruction. The glisten of a blade he was bound to share winked in conspiracy as he listened to the flow of distant traffic.

Alone. She was alone. Tonight was hers to lose and the list was his to hold.




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