Success: A Different Perspective

The headline promised tips on attracting over 1 BILLION Facebook users to your Fan Page.

My immediate reaction was ~

Why would I want to?

Sometimes I think this baby boomer is a tad strange.

  • Is my view of success skewed?
  • Do I shun fame?

I don’t even have a Facebook Fan Page. That was supposed to be the reason I signed on.

Now, I primarily use Facebook to view the latest photos of my many grand-nieces and nephews. (You know you’re getting old when your nieces and nephews have multiple babies).

Defining Success

How we define success is unique as we are.

  • I like to think I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer
  • That need more than likely stems from my middle child syndrome

I once defined success as a six-figure salary. I no longer do.

  • I was thrilled when I reached it
  • And I could reach it again.

What I once defined as success, no longer defines me.

That’s the difference.

All Kinds of Success

There’s nothing wrong with monetary success.

Or the most Friends, Connections, Likes, +1s or Klout.

  • If that defines you
  • It doesn’t define me

It might have at one point in my life – except all that stuff wasn’t around then.

I now have a different perspective.

  • Not right
  • Not wrong
  • Just different

I love this quote of Albert Einstein’s ~

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

That’s success for me now – something of value.

  • Living a healthy life
  • Sharing with those you love
  • Accepting the individual

I think I’d rather be known for my value instead of the fan page that attracted 1 BILLION Facebook users.

But, that’s just me.








    • Cathy says

      Very good point, Laura. Although there may be some with a billion fan page visitors who are very happy. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by, Laura, and sharing your thoughts.

  1. says

    As always, Cathy, you utter my thoughts. It’s up to each of us to define what success means. Social media metrics have their place but they don’t compare with the importance of good health and good friends. I love your statement about acceptance too. : )

    • Cathy says

      Thanks, Sharon. That last one I think is so important and can be the most challenging because of all the noise surrounding us.

      Thanks for sharing your “twin” thoughts. 😉

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