Idaho Train Ride

Idaho Train Ride imageMy sister, Terry, niece, Joanna, and grandniece, Sunniva are visiting us in Idaho.

They live in Ohio – not Iowa – not Idaho – Ohio.

They graciously reserved a train ride along the Payette River in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho for all of us and my mom.

The Thunder Mountain Line dates back more than a century. Think gold and ore.

Now you can book a train ride along the Payette River, the site of some of the best whitewater rafting in Idaho. Or so I’m told. Never tried it myself.

Fortunately, for all of us, Joanna booked us in the air-conditioned first class. Somehow triple-digit heat doesn’t go well with the open air (and isn’t that an oxymoron?) seating.

Idaho Train Adventure

I put together a quick slideshow. It features:




Thunder Mountain Line Train R…

More PowerPoint presentations from Cathy Miller


Idaho Nepotism

Photo by Beth Cothern
Photo by Beth Cothern

My brother-in-law is an Idaho native.

Unlike much of the country, he knows the difference between Idaho and Iowa.

Mike is all that is good about Idaho. He respects and appreciates the natural beauty Idaho has to offer.

In addition to his day job, Mike is a writer. What’s not to like, right?

A Secret Wilderness

In shameless promotion, I thought I would share Mike’s published article from The Magic Valley Times News.

A Secret Wilderness Hike in Twin Falls County captures Mike’s and my sister, Beth’s trip through some of Idaho’s scenic splendor.

Beth recently retired (how did that happen before me?) and plans on joining Mike on several such trips that Mike hopes to convert into a book. He certainly has his own magic touch.

So, if you want to Meet Idaho and experience some of its beauty, check out Mike’s article. You’ll discover there is more to the state than potatoes and Boise State football.