Idaho Train Ride

My sister, Terry, niece, Joanna, and grandniece, Sunniva are visiting us in Idaho. They live in Ohio – not Iowa – not Idaho – Ohio. They graciously reserved a train ride along the Payette River in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho for all of us and my mom. The Thunder Mountain Line dates back more than a century. Think […]

Idaho Nepotism

My brother-in-law is an Idaho native. Unlike much of the country, he knows the difference between Idaho and Iowa. Mike is all that is good about Idaho. He respects and appreciates the natural beauty Idaho has to offer. In addition to his day job, Mike is a writer. What’s not to like, right? A Secret […]

Idaho at Play

Once people figure out where Idaho is, they typically want to know what there is to do in Idaho. The answer is – plenty. Idaho Work and Play gave you a peek of the Work side of Idaho (from my perspective). This post shares some of the Play side of Idaho. Let the games begin. […]