February is the New January

Solitude of Silence PostA new year brings new plans.

At least it usually happens that way. This year my plans got hijacked.

A large project at the end of 2014 took time I normally spend on planning.

While I love the income, I admit the change in routine has knocked me off center.

January Interrupted

I like starting fresh in January. I had hoped to have a 3-year plan mapped out to move me toward personal writing goals. Nothing’s finalized.

For someone who hates routine but cherishes a plan (of some sort), I had to stop beating myself up over a January interrupted.

  • So what if the plan takes shape in February – or March
  • Why can’t February be the new January?

I’ll share what I’ve been bantering about in my brain. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Blog Mania

Currently, I have four blogs.

  1. My business site – Simply stated business
  2. My health care site – Simply stated health care
  3. My cancer awareness site – Why 60 miles
  4. This personal blog – MillerCathy: A Baby Boomer’s Second Life

My business site has an alphabetic journey through business communication going on that I feel good about.

  • It is an A to Z theme on business communication
  • It reduced the number of posts from weekly to biweekly
  • It reenergized my writing (I was getting a bit burned out)

Blog #2 and #3 have gone silent. I’m struggling with what I want to do about them.

  • I’ve thought about rebranding my business writing and health care site into one
  • I’ve though about dropping my health care site altogether

I’m saddest about my Why 60 Miles site.

The inspiration came from my participation in the 3-Day, 60 Mile Walk for the Cure, which I started in 2003.

I had fun creating My Old Lady Walking store. Sales of merchandise appear to indicate I am in the minority.

I’ve been surprised how difficult it has been to get others to share their story. It could be there are simply too many of these types of blogs out there.

Like so many writers, I have several books in progress. I started one as a journal of this event but I decided I want more from the experience.

It has been such a huge part of my life. I want to explore the why behind the experience.


See why I need a plan?

  • As usual, my business plan’s in place
  • However, my personal plans are scattered
  • I need specific goals/targets

After all, like I always say, the best thing about plans is you can always change them.

I think I’m in a late-life crisis. Okay, crisis is too strong a word.

So I am taking February (and possibly part of March) to get back to transitioning to personal writing projects. I want to resurrect Why 60 Miles. I want to have fun.






November News

Newspaper and coffee cup on white backgroundCan you believe we are in November?

This time of the year, I reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going − both professionally and personally.

I  have not been very good about sharing news. I have a whole category for News and you can hear crickets chirping when you open it up.

At least I did some posts this year in the News category.

Let’s do a quick catch-up on news from 2014.

November News

I’ll catch you up on the business side and the personal.

Business Side

I’ve added a few new clients, which is always a welcomed event.


A long-time client had me rolling in the projects. Did I tell you how much I ♥ my clients?

One thing I know is the power of building relationships. You never know when one of those contacts will resurface.

  • Two new clients were contacts from my corporate days
  • Two were from an industry conference
  • A couple more came to me through LinkedIn
  • And one was a referral from an existing client

I had a great time at a wellness conference in July and met some interesting leaders from the industry. Is there anything more inspiring than hanging out with people who are passionate about what they do?

Guest Posts

I cut way back on my guest post articles this year. I was very busy with new projects (clients and a new blog).

Basically, I limited guest posts to my writer buddy, Lori Widmer. The following are guest posts I wrote in 2014.

LinkedIn rolled out a publishing platform, Pulse, to the masses. I’ve written a few posts for that platform.

Hmm. Did more than I realized.

Personal Side

Enough about business.

Lest you think I have no life (which at times may be true), the following are a few happenings from the personal side of life.

OldLadyWalking_bottle_200pxW-x-344pxH_RGB3-Day Walk for the Cure

This event became so huge in my life, I created a new blog – Why 60 Miles? And a store to go with it – Old Lady Walking.

Both have been slow-going. That’s mostly on me. I tend to put client work ahead of personal. Hey, I like to eat.

I leave next week for my 11th 3-Day Walk in San Diego. The event is 11/20-11/23. I cannot wait.

Watch my Why 60 Miles site for updates and shared pictures when I get back.

While you’re there, sign up for updates. You’ll be automatically entered into the last of three gift certificate giveaways to my Old Lady Walking store.


Olive's 1st Halloween-postOur family is doing its bit to keep the earth populated.

On October 6, 2014, we were thrilled to welcome the latest family member, Olive Robin Rose Miller.

Olive is the daughter of my nephew, Brian, and his beautiful wife, Angie.

All together now – aww.


My cousin, Craig (my mom’s sister’s son), married Marc, his partner of 22 years (about time as his sister, Cindy said). Sadly, I missed one heck of a a party in Chicago.

We’ll have to make up for that when I visit them in their new Florida home.

Hiking Writer

Congratulations to my brother-in-law, Mike, who ended his 2014 hiking project throughout Idaho and Nevada. He wrote about his last hike here (you may need to subscribe for access – sorry).

That’s a Wrap

I am sure there is much more this boomer brain has forgotten but maybe next year.

Wish me a blister-free, 60-mile, 3-day walk.