Caught Between Dreams and Reality


Do you ever feel like you’re caught between dreams and reality?

  • There’s the dreams from your childhood
  • And those you are afraid to admit

Reality blankets those dreams in silence.

But, whose reality is it?

Growing Up

How many of us put aside our childhood dreams in what we view as growing up?

  • We get a real job
  • We settle down
  • We plan for the future

As a child, it was all about the moment. Life was one big lesson.

For some of us, we lost those lessons along the way.

Lessons Worth Keeping

We all learned lessons that were definitely worth keeping. Here are a few of my favorites.

Live in the Moment

Living in the moment does not mean we put blinders on the future. But, sometimes we are so focused on the future, we forget to enjoy the now.

  • We work long hours to earn more
  • We put off that trip for a better time
  • We miss family and friends’ life events

Imagine if we lived more in the moment.

Accept Differences

The innocent child accepts differences as the norm.

As a teenager, I volunteered at the Society for Crippled Children. There were children with no hands, children in wheelchairs, children that were “not normal.”

  • To the children, there was no such thing as normal – just different
  • And those differences did not matter

 Imagine if we viewed differences as the norm.

Imagining Dreams

Have you ever watched a child play? Before video games and computers came into play?

It is fascinating to watch a child create a game out of nothing.

  • A family sofa is farm land for my nephew’s crops
  • A little girl sips tea with imaginary friends
  • A mound of sand becomes a castle

Imagine turning dreams into reality.




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  1. says

    As an adult, I often feel trapped. When I was a child the possibilities were endless, now options seem limited. I’m not sure why that is, maybe it comes with the reality that none of us are here forever. Thanks for getting me thinking, Cathy. :-)

  2. says

    It took me MANY years, but finally I live in the moment. Instead about worrying what could be, I’m enjoying everything around me. Thanks for the awesome reminder to appreciate what we have and what we’re experiencing now.

    • Cathy says

      Hi Lisa. I think it took me that same amount of time. :-) I am so much calmer when I live in the moment. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Kim Lemon says

    Cathy, you are so right about living in the moment! I can’t think of any time in my life when I’ve been more content. Ironic how passing years reconnect us with visions (and dreams) from our childhood. What I’ve learned: not having expectations…expecting the unexpected…joy in simple pleasures…serendipity.

    • Cathy says

      Sounds like you embraced those childhood lessons well, Kim. There really is something to be said for getting older. Thanks for sharing a small slice of your life with us. :-)

  4. says

    Super reminder, Cathy.

    I was walking to the mailbox yesterday. There was a drizzling rain that made the hot driveway steam. The smell took me back forty years to other rain storms, to mud puddles and bare feet, and to dashes out into the rain to dance and act silly. It made me want to do cartwheels right there in the driveway. Thankfully, I remembered my aching bones and just did one in my head. :)

    • Cathy says

      LOL, Lori. Trust me, I understand the need for restraint. 😀 Wishing you many, many childhood memories.

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