Days of Remembrance

Dad with camera-Web
Douglas M. Miller – my Dad

I remember the first Father’s Day after my dad passed.

My mom and I were in a card shop a few weeks before. A wave of grief hit me with the impact of a tsunami.

I would no longer be purchasing a Father’s Day card for my dad. I could not hold back the tears.

Days Remembered

I am of an era when greeting cards were the norm. And not the electronic kind.

I always appreciated the process of finding the right card. The one that expressed exactly the right sentiment. Whether funny or heartfelt, I took time in choosing my card.

I knew I chose wisely when Dad would read my card, his beautiful blue eyes welling up with tears, while a hint of a smile crossed his lips.

Now gone forever, except on the screenshots of my mind, the channels of my heart.

The days of remembrance get easier. The memories much richer.

With age comes the understanding of how lucky I am. Not every child remembers. Not every child knows love. Not every child experiences. The days of remembrance. The memories of the heart.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you and miss you.





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